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​No travel, no Sharia, no citizenship: UK Home Office unveils tough anti-Islamist strategy — RT UK


This is Illuminati standard operating procedure. They did it with “The protocols of the learned elders of Zion”, in 1919. Revealing their goals and tactics for a one-world religion and government, but with a small twist: They framed it as a Jewish conspiracy! (This was simple, since these same folks control the mass media.)

The Illuminati used the “Trojan Horse Method” by infiltrating Freemasonry, the major religions and creating the Federal Reserve. “Not an isolated example”, indeed.

Brilliant.  Acknowledging that there is a conspiracy, yet all the while, shifting public opinion and outrage from you to your enemy.  This is done by accusing the target of  the persecutors own actions! The Elite love laying out their own plan for the world to see, but unless we know what were looking for, we never see it.

Here’s the Article


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