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True Believer? Religious Right Adopts Trump


NPR: Evangelical Voters Love Trump

One thing we know about Donald Trump: He loves himself.

He’s also the Original archetype of “make your own brand”. He is notoriously obsessed with every detail of his ‘personae’ completely involved in its planning, marketing and execution.  He is the Definition of the “Media Elite” he promises to “call out” (big deal)!

Therefore all this hoopla was planned for a reason, just like everything else you see on the Evening News. It looks like he may be more than a distraction. Time to figure out why.

What a fucking joke. He is mocking his own ignorant supporters, who quite obviously don’t know why they support him. That always seems to be the case with the average, American ‘prole’ registered as a Republican, anyways:  IGNORANT AS FUCK.

Trump is not religious. I mean, he can’t name a book from the bible, much less a goddamn verse. Donald Trump and his mislead supporters are the problem with this country, not its solution

Read this article, and than Pray for us


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