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Dick Black-R, speaks against Middle East Meddling

Dick Black-R Virginia. Photo via Washington Times.

Dick Black-R Virginia. Photo via Washington Times.

“If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end”

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America has a long documented history of meddling in other countries affairs. Using the CIA and other (namely, British Intelligence) agencies, any regimes and/or governments deemed ‘unfriendly’ to U.S. interests (profits) are covertly, sometimes overtly, toppled.

Dick Black raises valid points regarding our involvement in over seas affairs.

Repeatedly, throughout various administrations, we have irresponsibly trained and funded one fringe/extremist groups to combat a common enemy. See Reagan and CONTRAS, the CIA training Osama Bin Laden, and our latest blunder with Al Nusra.

The obvious problem with this is that these groups always have their own goals and agenda, never in line with ours.

These U.S. sponsored coups achieve their short term goals, eradicating our targets. Long term, these U.S. backed rebels consistently become bigger threats then the regimes they toppled

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