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Do White lives matter?


This article was published on August 6 last month, and I bet you never read it. Nor did you read about articles covering any of the shootings mentioned in it.

We hear what the mainstream media wants us to hear, and no more.

Does the injustice that this poor child’s family suffered not warrant the commotion, because he’s white? It would certainly seem that way.

I believe Black Lives Matter to be a noble idea, yet I would bet my last dollar it has become yet another way to conduct surveillance on the anti brutality movement. The CIA always infiltrates political movements, either to destroy or further a cause. Shit, they’ve been known to create them!
In this light, the mainstream media’s coverage and support of this “movement” is suspicious, at the very least.

With police brutality against African Americans claiming headlines across the world, the media has an agenda that most of the public doesn’t plainly see.

Why is news coverage focused on “race specific injustices” committed by police? Notice the racial tension, animosity and violence brewing over these stories.

Tell me I’m wrong.

An ‘unarmed’ white teen was shot dead by police. His family asks: Where is the outrage? – The Washington Post


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