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BREAKING STORY-Pope’s Aid Blatantly Gropes Small Girl: Caught on Camera!

These two thought they were being slick, but a very lucky photographer snapped a smoking gun of a shot, a fleeting instant worth far more than 1,000 words!

Tap News Wire-Pope’s minder fingers little girl in public view!


Hiding in plain site: That is NOT how you hold a child

Caught red handed, the assistant’s satisfied, conspiring expression, coupled with his obvious and intentional grope spell G-U-I-L-T-Y.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis and this helpless child seem to be sharing a questionably intimate, yet strange and unpleasant moment.


Observe all three faces, their expressions tell the REAL story.

Here’s yet even more proof of the Catholic Church”s obsession with pedophilia. It is a past-time shared with their peers: Zionist/luciferian/political Elite conspirators, for varying reasons.

Satanists and dark occultists sodomize and molest children for ill intent. Standard act in SRA (satanic ritual abuse) meant to traumatize them into submission. Necessary when programming “multiple personality, mind control MK Ultra-style slaves”.

Elite pedophile rings (involving politicians and the wealthy) are nothing new. Most recently, they have been all over the news in the UK and the rest of Europe implicating very big names.


Intimate friend to elite UK pedophiles the Royal family and former prime minister Ted Heath, Sir Jimmy Saville, legendary British TV personality. Exposed as serial pedophile, pimp (to the elite) and "allocator"of countless children, spanning Six decades until his death.

Wall street, Hollywood and Washington the elite’s, “easy to black mail” types are agents used to advance the agenda: Men with illegal and/or shameful vices/addictions. Secrets remain secret, and Orders are obeyed. Get out of line, your done.

I thought this was so important, mainly because Pope Francis is swimming in globe spanning praise, for his unifying speeches and progressive thinking.

Certainly, if the majority of us knew just how progressive the Pope truly was, we wouldn’t applaud.

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