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Americans see ‘Writing on the Wall’

All notable scandals and cases of (we’ll call it) “imaginative” journalism aside: It was not so long ago that Americans trusted the nightly news and the morning paper.

Functioning as a security choke point, they are responsible for not only distributing but censoring, altering and re writing international news as it arrives.


They know that if we don’t want to hear about it, we certainly won’t pay them to hear about it. TV and News networks have gone to war for the same ratings. Sadly, Truth, Integrity and journalistic ethics were the wars first casualties. Remember, when it concerns profits, “all is fair”.

This ratings business creates a vicious competition. Different networks, offering service with “different flavors of the same B.S.”. Ratings rule the roost.

Just like every other kind of war (no love here, folks), “all is fair”. Yet, the public still believe in the biased, “uncontested, end all-be all, authority” in current events.


The Powers That Be, (promoters and beneficiaries, of what I like to call, coincedence theory”) have invested huge amounts of time, money and research making certain we trust the television.

It’s no coincidence: the entire field of marketing is the result of attempting to covertly control our beliefs and how we spend our money. They target the subconscious, via subliminal messages and neural linguistic programming. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, indeed.

Brainwashing and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


The result being a shared consensus, that Anything on the news, actually happened. 60% isn’t disheartening at all, but it isn’t enough. I’m glad I was wrong. ” anything we need to know will be on the news” or “it’s true, I saw it on CNN/fox news/msnbc, so it must be.” Are ideas we must lose.

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One thought on “Americans see ‘Writing on the Wall’

  1. I used to be a journalist on national print titles in Scotland – back ’90s, when advertising revenue and decent editors would still allow for content challenging the mainstream. Nowadays it seems more honourable to call oneself a blogger than a journalist, such is the pressure to churn PR and propaganda.

    Thanks for your insightful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Russ Cavanagh | October 9, 2015, 12:51 AM

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