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Trans Pacific Partnership – The Plan all Along

TPP would cost lives’: WikiLeaks unveils full intellectual property chapter

Here is one smart opinion piece,
The Devil is in the details from RT NEWS.


Looking pretty guilty there, gentlemen. Photo via vox.com

Nothing about the Trans Pacific Partnership is going to help anyone but corporations. If it was anything beneficial to humanity, why would they keep it secret? This is some heavy stuff! At least deserving of contemplation by the societies it affects:

From http://www.vox.com:

” Trade negotiators in Atlanta reached an agreement Monday that could affect everything from American exports of pharmaceuticals to New Zealand milk, Japanese rice, and Vietnamese textiles.
The deal, known at the Trans-Pacific Partnership, would more closely link the economies of 12 Pacific Rim nations and have sweeping global implications. President Obama has portrayed it as essential to cementing America’s relationships in Asia, but critics such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have portrayed it as a giveaway to corporate interests and a threat to US sovereignty
Emphasis added by pulp(non)fiction.

With so many false flags, blunders of natural disasters and federal f**k ups lately, one can’t help but wonder: If this insanity we’re seeing were merely incompetence, the law of averages dictates that half of the time, they would make a mistake for our benefit!


Onward, NWO!

This is another move by our “corporate secret government”, another irreversible step towards their New World Order.

Details wouldn’t have been kept under lock and key for years. The highest officials in many nations complained of knowing nothing of the treaty. No wonder the public wasn’t notified of its existence, Presidents were not privy to it’s details!

Hats off to Wikileaks for originally exposing the truth about the TTP.
Unless you’re familiar with legal lingo, some of it might be a bit wordy.
Read the professional analysis, if you have trouble, that’s what I had to do.



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