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Snowden, Assange: Assigned Same Prosecutor?


Edward Snowden

Does this make you sick or what?

Julian Assange, Kim DotCom are all three being assigned the same prosecutor, in Virgina.


Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder.

What a gross, blatant display of disrespect, for the accused and the public. This should piss you off.

“The Daily Sheeple” wrote:

“In his new book, “The WikiLeaks File: the World According to the US Empire,” Assange talks about countries’ participation in international agreements that by extension give the US increasing leeway in affairs it otherwise would have a limited or no role to play in. On top of the lucrative TPP and TISA, which are examples of the so-called lawfare, the ICC is one such example.

Under Obama, Assange has seen the power of international institutions take on a more American shade, one example being the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has become a sort of lackey for Western interests.

‘It’s more than cultures and regions… there’s international institutions. It’s very interesting to look at the ICC as an example of how the US interfaces with the international situation,’ Assange said. While the ICC’s role in prosecuting war criminals is clear with regard to some, the organization loses its meaning where the US is concerned.”

What a joke. A lot of things seem to lose their meaning once the US is involved.

Why Are Julian Assange, Snowden, and Kim Dotcom All Being Assigned the Same Prosecutor in Virginia? | The Daily Sheeple

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