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Connecting ‘Forever Wars’ and Terrorism, state sponsored I.S.!


Al Qaeda/IS: They are both coffe, just different roasts.

“….the U.S. training of the Syrian rebels in Turkey, and this was 6 or 5 months before anything about Syria actually made it to the news; using a U.S. airbase – and this is in Southern Turkey, close to the border with Syria – and this was NATO and the U.S. factions training and arming and sending back, having them cross the border, rebels, long before Syria actually became the news. As I said this was done in Turkey by the NATO forces, mainly U.S. and British forces, and it was something that was planned and designed and implemented by the U.S.” – Sibel Edmonds, Author and FBI whistleblower

Al-Qaida. Remember the reaction and emotion this name incited after 9-11? Brilliant marketing. Where have the white robed middle aged, bearded men brandishing Kalashnikovs gone though? Did we “beat” them?

No worries. The legacy of Al-qaida lives on, through IS, the latest bogeyman designed, funded and made by American/Israel intelligence and their masters.


Numerous IS videos feature obvious green screening, and bad acting.

Just the latest flavor, folks: more extreme, stronger, and terror-tastic! An image update, still the same product of state sponsored fear you have to come to expect.

The so called war on drugs, dubbed a “forever-war”, wasn’t waged to defeat drugs, users or the dealers.

Keeping up the facade and still furthering the secret agenda, is the idea: Targets the dealers in direct competition with the government. Protection of profits and lends its hand to appearance’s.

It’s main purpose is fueling the prison industrial machine, lining the God’s of War’s pockets.


Are we feeling newly intimidated yet?

A former Dept. Of Defense employee said the war with ISIS, is a 30 year war. No, that’s far too short. A state of perpetual war is desired because it keeps economies stable, the population lower, and profits higher.

Real wars are too costly. Notice that, since Korea, the US has only fought “insurgents, rebels and terrorists,” never another nations army. This kind of low impact, conservative conflict, works perfectly when we “don’t know” our enemies numbers, financiers or wouldn’t like us to know THEY ARE OUR FRANKENSTEIN!

The “forever”-war on terrorism, is a political and economic strategy to keep profits sky high, while the public is paralyzed with fear. Part of the Israeli war on Islam and the Zionist’s quest for ever more power.

“But the TV said…”


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