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More mass shootings for the masses. Love, the mass media

Today, we heard 14 mentally impaired children were gunned down in San Bernadino, apparently by a Muslim couple in their late twenties.


I first heard this, I finally, thoroughly, understood a fact that, apparently, had escaped me in the past:

This is not the end. Not even close. This is going to keep happening. Over. And over. You dig it, Jack. And it will get nastier.

They will keep sending wild eyed, Mk ultra alumni into crowded areas with fully automatic weapons. They will keep killing our children.

They will continue feeding on our deepest fears, our subconscious their pray killed with intention, by hidden symbolism. As long as we let them.


The Washington Post said, as of today, there there have been more mass shootings than days in 2015. Good God. How is not clear to everybody?

One of the worst yet; coincidentally, during this fear mongering, anti-muslim era, a young Muslim couple (terrorists? Or mass shooters?), commit the heinous atrocity of child mass murder. Topping it off, the kids were ‘slow’.

Good God. These writers sure know their stuff, don’t they? Did they ask their kabbalah what would offend our delicate sensibilities the most?


Tell me why many of these shooters eyes always look the same. That is most definitely some MK Ultra or SRA mind control side effects. The alienated, outcast personality they are playing to death is, too.


These media reports are so contrived, always so polished. Live  10 pm press conferences, interviews with bereaved relatives, and a new heart touching #hashtag for our consumption.


Many lack any real energy or feeling of authenticity, facts constantly contradict one another from the beginning, and evidence is always conveniently found or anonymously tipped off.


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