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Geo Engineering, Stockton CA, weather modification

2nd ‘Wall of Clouds” spotted in my Northern California back yard in 1 month

Pulp(non)Fiction! exclusive. Post and pictures laced by Mac★Ether.

I’m pretty sure that, like me,  this must be one of the most unnatural looking “clouds” you’ve ever seen. And this, after days of non stop torrential downpours, in mega-fuckin-dehydrated Northern California.

Weather modification anyone? Geo engineering? HAARP? Or is something going down in the skies, they don’t want us to see?I The mood was very strange around the neighborhood to, the vibrations in the air were definitely malevolent.


Taken from back yard, Stockton,ca

What made this incident extra suspicious is that, about a month back I snapped a flick of a near identical ‘cloudwall’: same position, facing the west, at sunset. The only difference being that on the first day, it had been sunny with clear skies, until the wall of clouds, white as snow, showed up at sunset.

Had to share with you.


People the cloud is the dark part of the sky!!

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