A Word from the Editor:  I like to read news from different perspectives. Because I am not a robot, my views run the gamut of accepted political leanings. I can be quite conservative regarding some issues and others, very progressive. There will be sites leaning toward the “conservative” as well as “liberal” ends of the spectrum.

I do not consider or endorse these links as the end all, be all news source, nor best truther blog, nor Holy Grail of alternative media. Nor will I pretend that any or all of these various entities don’t have their own bias’ and special interests. Research issues yourself: Make up your own mind! PS: We don’t necessarily agree with any opinions or views expressed there-in.

Alternative Information Sources
Center for Research on Globalization
The Daily Sheeple
The Free Thought Project
RT News
Democracy Now!
The Intercept

CrimeThinc Ex-Workers Collective (Anarchist collective, with useful DIY tutorials, downloadable PDFs, Activism info)
White Genocide Project
What on Earth is Happening? With Mark Passio
David Icke Official Website

Lew Rockwell

Sacred Texts Internet Archive
Real Jew News (anti-zionist Jew site)


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