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Barack Obama’s Betrayal

By Federico Pieraccini Global Research, January 27, 2017 Strategic Culture Foundation 27 January 2017 Barack Obama rode into office on a wave of enthusiasm encapsulated in the hopeful slogan ‘Yes We Can’. Soon, reality set in and forced the administration to deal with the influence exerted by the deep state. A mythological monster with five … Continue reading

Who Owns the Worlds Wealth?

We are all aware of the sickening wealth disparity plaguing our world today.  It didn’t get that way by accident! Indifference to this truth, (or pretending that it is all an accident) is dangerous, and needs to be eradicated via spreading knowledge and truth. Bringing the people facts and unbiased information, no matter the vehicle, is the … Continue reading

Trans Pacific Partnership – The Plan all Along

UPDATE: TPP would cost lives’: WikiLeaks unveils full intellectual property chapter Here is one smart opinion piece, The Devil is in the details from RT NEWS. Nothing about the Trans Pacific Partnership is going to help anyone but corporations. If it was anything beneficial to humanity, why would they keep it secret? This is some … Continue reading

They Call this Recovery? Additional 9.4 Million in Poverty since Pre-Crisis: Federal Reserve, Obama Admin. Stick to Guns.

They sure fooled me!I While the poorest (getting poorer) of us still living an existence of imposed usury (no caps on booking interest rates, details @ |•pulp (ⁿ∅ⁿ) fiction’s•| always evolving |•Vocabulary Lesson•|) and debtor/wage slavery. Their serving us sh**, and calling it creme brulee. Look around us. Recovery? Does that seem right? Not even … Continue reading