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Justin Trudeau A MK Ultra Mind Control Victim?

Originally Posted Here JUSTIN TRUDEAU Justin Trudeau, in 1987, with his father Pierre Trudeau, who was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won the October 2015 General Election in Canada. Justin Trudeau is strongly pro-Israel. Quebec television show. Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was born in1919 in Montreal in QUEBEC to Charles-Émile Trudeau, a French-Canadian businessman and lawyer, … Continue reading

Soros-funded Media Matters Caught Secretly Plotting with Facebook to Stop Alternative Media

Jack Burns January 28, 2017  From THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT In 2010, George Soros announced he would be giving $1 million to Media Matters to “hold Fox News accountable for the false and misleading information they so often broadcast.” Translation: Soros-funded Media Matters to combat Fox News, something it ostensibly labeled as “fake news,” an … Continue reading

Trump’s First Week: A Win for the Elite, a Loss for the People. “And it Does Not Look Good”

By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, January 27, 2017 My last article attempted to stay grounded in reality regarding the need to keep in check any expectation the Trump presidency will be any different from previous administrations, knowing whomever occupies the White House is simply the elite’s figurehead puppet choice. Based on the rhetoric expressed in his inaugural … Continue reading

“Bill Clinton Was Here”: The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed

That’s right, just like a scene out of the Hollywood blockbuster film Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise, from wild parties to prostitution, orgies and even underage sex, Little St. James reportedly has it all and is seemingly a gathering point frequented by prominent jet-setters, and it is all being exposed. The cat is out…