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Too Poor To Make Bail? They’ll Cage You For That: Lawsuit Exposes Horrors Of The US InJustice System

Lily Dane By Lily Dane A Texas jail has been caging people who are too poor to afford bail, according to a new lawsuit. Harris County Jail – the largest in Texas and the third largest in the US – is accused of keeping most of its incarcerated population locked up for misdemeanors because they can’t … Continue reading

Poverty in America: Growing Income Inequality, Shrinking Middle Class, Declining Manufacturing Pay Report

By Kate Randall Global Research, May 15, 2016 A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that more than four-fifths of US metropolitan areas have seen household incomes decline in the new century. The research is based on data from urban centers that are home to three-quarters of the US population. Pew’s America’s shrinking middle class shows … Continue reading


MacÆther sez: I was raised in a pro-labor, working class white home in the inner city (bay area). Around 12, I began figuring out my views for myself. Before my awakening, I liked to say I was moderate on most issues, but I’m definitely a skewed to the left. I’ve noticed most white folks in … Continue reading

They Call this Recovery? Additional 9.4 Million in Poverty since Pre-Crisis: Federal Reserve, Obama Admin. Stick to Guns.

They sure fooled me!I While the poorest (getting poorer) of us still living an existence of imposed usury (no caps on booking interest rates, details @ |•pulp (ⁿ∅ⁿ) fiction’s•| always evolving |•Vocabulary Lesson•|) and debtor/wage slavery. Their serving us sh**, and calling it creme brulee. Look around us. Recovery? Does that seem right? Not even … Continue reading