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Who will be the nextPresident of the United States?

By Thierry Meyssan Global Research, April 06, 2016 Thierry Meyssan analyses the political and electoral system of the United States. He believes that the only true issue of the Presidential election is the maintenance of power in the hands of the WASPs, which has never been contested since the Declaration of Independence. While Ted Cruz and … Continue reading


MacÆther sez: I was raised in a pro-labor, working class white home in the inner city (bay area). Around 12, I began figuring out my views for myself. Before my awakening, I liked to say I was moderate on most issues, but I’m definitely a skewed to the left. I’ve noticed most white folks in … Continue reading

Dick Black-R, speaks against Middle East Meddling

“If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end” View RT USA Article America has a long documented history of meddling in other countries affairs. Using the CIA and other (namely, British Intelligence) agencies, any regimes and/or governments deemed ‘unfriendly’ to U.S. interests (profits) are covertly, sometimes overtly, toppled. Dick Black raises valid points … Continue reading

True Believer? Religious Right Adopts Trump

NPR: Evangelical Voters Love Trump One thing we know about Donald Trump: He loves himself. He’s also the Original archetype of “make your own brand”. He is notoriously obsessed with every detail of his ‘personae’ completely involved in its planning, marketing and execution.  He is the Definition of the “Media Elite” he promises to “call out” (big deal)! … Continue reading