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My awakening to the true state/reality of the world, happened in June 2014. I was serving time for a parole violation in San Joaquin county Jail, sharing a 6’×9′ cell with another man, for 26 days.  I read (among anything else I could get) William Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse” and knew in an instant his words were true, his Intentions pure, honest and genuine.Once I saw the streets again I was inspired to learn more about my new truth and get involved. I know how to “participate”, I’ve been a punk rocker, in bands, booking shows, most of my life. With the same hardworking, DIY ethic and values.

I decided to quit playing the dopefiend/convict game and start over. Get off of parole, start writing and making music again. Fucking change some shit. I took classes at community college, met the love of my life and began researching, hard. (It’s what I do when I’m newly captivated with something, I become obsessed.) I opened my mind, utilizing my new knowledge to stick to sources outside of the Rothschild sphere of influence. Since going free, there’s been ups and downs, as can only be expected.

I had to figure this shit out on my own, and from the looks of the ever escalating international drama, it’s looking like I did just in time.  I will not be catering to the “truther Jr” crowd, and posts will be in the context of assuming the reader has at least a minimal understanding of terms like Zionism, false flags, government actors, NWO, the elite, etc.

If not, you got the internet, LOOK IT UP!

The purpose of Pulp (non) Fiction is to provide a TRUTHFUL, ALTERNATIVE NEWS resource, with repost’s from other sources, reposts from alternative press sources, to original content and quality, opinion editorials from Mac👄Ether and guests.

This will then create a library and archive where the truth is documented and dissected from a multitude of reliable alternative information sources. Most Importantly present the proof of the manipulation we are subject to, whether  via media, religions, institutions, it doesn’t matter. Present daily commentary and analyzing news articles, plus less frequent, quality editorials regarding these subjects and the state of the nation. To lead visitors to truthful resources, inform, embolden, educate and enlighten.


∃ther aka B⊕dee the Mac aka Irish aka Maccus⊕Galactus aka The Last of the Gunslingers


 Is a writer, MC, musician, truth activist, crusader for justice and spiritual Gangster. He is the main contributor and creator of Pulp(non)Fiction.

He encourages everyone to independently research their news, use the brain you were born with, read between their lines and arm yourself with the truth. He was born and raised in Northern California.



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